The Quantum Theater is excited to share that we have launched our new Depth Branding Consultancy Storyweaving.Media

We are now able to apply our work toward helping our customers achieve a deeper business alignment. Enjoy reading our principles below.

  1. The Foundation. Branding is not a logo, colors, or anything tangible. It is a business’ core message.
  2. Humanity. A business is not alive on its own, it depends on people. An aligned business is aligned with real people. It is intimately tied with the values of these real people.
  3. Natural Flow. Most businesses operate out of alignment with the people who…

For many centuries, yogic secrets of power have been transferred orally within their lineage, from vetted teachers to committed students.

As the heart of humanity begins to open, and communications evolve drastically within the context of the information age, these secrets have become much more widely available and also have morphed into entirely newer and often incomplete technologies.

This has created a hodgepodged arena of personal development offerings across a wide social spectrum of spiritual disciplines.

When advertised, we are familiar with the claims toward target audiences ranging from the cure for depression, to high-performance money making habits, to better…

Creativity: The Most Important Non-Skill

I have been going through major internal movements lately in regard to my romantic partnership, which of course affects all of my relationships as well. It has become very clear to me that the one and most essential “skill” in relating is allowing oneself to receive love. If I can’t receive love, I will instead be focused on blame and victimhood, escapism and assumptions, and other forms of unintegrated intensity.

However, looking at receiving love as a skill is actually a bit misleading.

It is more of a non-skill, a not-doing.

We are innately shaped…


My motive in writing today is based on my value that I must question everything pushed forcefully into public spaces.

I am inspired to ask:

Are we being fed nourishment or poison?

Are we really encouraging only education, or are on a less visible level are we also encouraging guilt?

Are we really moving toward an authentic place of connection, or are we actually illuminating all of the internal beliefs which cry out in frustration that this ideal may never be possible?

I am noticing in our current cultural climate, there are deep emotional implications…

Many people are asking themselves right now…what can I do? How can I show up and meet the needs of society in this sensitive time?

A big portion of our experiencing life is to be experienced. To be experienced both by others and by ourselves, as creativity. To be the conduit of creative energy that others then get to be impacted by.

In fact, we are completely entitled to COMMAND that we be experienced, so long as we do NOT demand it of any specific individual. This is the difference between a violent demand and a non-violent command. …

Humans are incredibly sneaky in their methods of manipulation, to the degree where they are not even aware that they are covertly swaying the viewpoints of others using emotional hooks.

Arrogance in particular is a primary emotional hook which is employed to “get someone on your side”. When this works it is often based on an unconscious fear of the arrogant person “turning on you” and gutting you of any sense of worthiness, and so it can feel safer to simply agree with the arrogant person than to oppose them or to think for oneself.

Arrogance is also called “righteousness”…

We always have more options than we realize.

We cannot see our options as they truly exist because our energy is stuck in fight or flight, and so and we habitually disregard our emotional experience as a means for survival.

“Play” is options consciousness.

By relaxing the nervous system we can come out of codependent behaviors and this allows for aligned creative solutions to strike us.

Ascension does not mean we are going to disappear accidentally into rapture.

It is the death of the human form. It is a conscious choice when the time is right. It does not require any action at all. It is a vibrational allowance.

It means you are moving in the direction of Truth.

Many of us are already quite invisible to the mainstream. That can even be scary.

How many of the relatively ascended are complaining about being unseen? 😉

Ascending just means moving upward.

Ascend your courage.
Ascend your reliance.
Ascend your integrity.
Ascend your art.
Ascend your humility.
Ascend your commitment…

From a wounded perspective, shadowed power can appear to be light and true light can appear as shadowed power

This is a great time to discover our true motives for emulating others, for attempting to attain really anything at all.

Diving into truth reveals our backward thinking, our unnecessary protective habits, searching for whatever feels like home.

Our true motives very often are caused by wanting to be seen in a certain way, especially by ourselves. This is what it looks like when shame is driving.

If we can become safe in being humiliated in front of ourselves, nothing can…

We are all on a magic school bus ride through the nervous system.

If you want true and deep change this is the place to start and end.

Everything else is in service to this process whether we believe it or not.

The systems we create are only a reflection of our nervous system state.

The relationships we create are only a reflection of our nervous system state.

The decisions we create are only a reflection of our nervous system state.

We have the tools and technology (such as The Quantum Theater) to unwind the unnecessary tension, and it is…

The Quantum Theater

The Quantum Theater is an Immersive Theater methodology by True Participation. These are the writings of Joshua Brandon Pánczér. Link:

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