LUCIFER IS FORGIVEN: Service to Self is NOT Evil

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There are a lot of concepts around good and evil.

Mythologically, Christ vs Lucifer is one of the most common ways this is represented.

We all know the image of the lusty, loud, chaotic devil with horns living underground. Inside the earth, surrounded by hell-fire.

The Human-esque devil in this situation represents hedonism and our incessant need for indulging in the bodily sensations of the Earth.

In the New Age culture, this same paradigm has been energetically carried over and translated into: “Service to others is good, service to self is evil”

As children, we may have been told to “think about other people” or “stop being selfish”.

We were taught how to STOP valuing our own experience.

As adults, this has lead to a taboo of valuing our own experience. We have been taught that we SHOULDN’T need love. That we SHOULDN’T be lonely. That we SHOULDN’T be sad or afraid or angry.

We have been taught that it is fundamentally EVIL to value our own experience.

When we grow up into adults, we retain that fundamental REQUIREMENT to value our own experience.

And so, in reaction, people turn toward the darkness. Lovers, drugs, food, violence. All in rebelliousness against childhood emotional abuse, an attempt to shift the imbalanced scales.

An attempt to make our experience valuable again.

It turns out, we don’t actually need to get what we WANT, we just need it to be OKAY that we get what we want.

It’s not the kinky sex act that will make us happy, it’s knowing that it’s ALLOWED to happen which gives us freedom.

The buzz we get from drinking or drugs or sex is only entertaining until it’s not taboo anymore. It’s only interesting until it’s normalized.

The normalization of our experience being acknowledged is all we’re actually seeking.

Indulging in these activities may or may not further our beliefs along, depending on how it’s approached, but it’s certainly not evil.

Lucifer is simply the energy of the Earth, whereas Christ is the energy of the Sun. We must be at peace with BOTH in order to exist in harmony with our elegantly designed solar system.

Condemning Lucifer is condemning the Earth. Condemning the Earth is condemning relaxation.

Picking the fruit from the Tree of knowledge brought us SCIENCE.

The scientific method is of course inherently flawed, as it cannot measure faith or compassion or other qualitative aspects, and yet it has also helped us to create the very devices on which we are reading this message.

So what is evil?

There is no inherent ‘evilness’, only unconsciousness.

People are unconscious of their pain. Unconscious of their desire to have their experience acknowledged

Evil is LOVE attempting to MANIPULATE the world into acknowledgment.

Evil is the INNER CHILD seeking perceived safety through destructive means.

Satan is YOUR nervous system looking for freedom.

Thus, labeling ourselves or anyone else only serves to create the illusion of categorization, which can ONLY reinforce the existence of perceived evil.

Separating good and evil only serves to pit against one another the inner child and the inner parent.

When I work with others, it is SO incredibly effective because I so deeply value my experience.

Because I feel safe with myself, I have an ABUNDANCE of care and attention and I use that overflowing energy to take on and value the OTHER person’s experience as my own also. Thereby giving them permission to value their OWN experience in ways they have never realized were possible.

Thus, people are able to FAST FORWARD through the trauma, fast forward through all of the ‘needs’, and get straight to the resolution where the cravings are no longer present because permission is granted.

Just that simple process has allowed me to heal:
autoimmune issues
mental disorders
money beliefs
life purpose

Everything we could possibly need is hidden inside of valuing our experience. This can only be done in a trustworthy way when we are PURELY motivated.

When we are connected to the Christing energy of the Sun.

The Sun FORGIVES the Earth. Their ways are very different. Mythologically, Christ FORGIVES Lucifer for having deeply human needs and fears and desires.

One week from today will begin a massive completion of these energies coming together to bridge one another in ultimate reunion.

I will be entering the first half of a 10-day private intensive specifically on this issue, for the collective.

No longer will we feel guilty for our Earthly desires, and thus they will no longer tug at our feet.

Satan was a lie we all bought into, believing we ourselves were not to be trusted.

Biblical ideas have been deeply infused into our culture and were vastly misunderstood, and we now come to completion with this age of thought loops and self-hate.

Our True Innocence is being anchored within this balance, by our conscious choice.

And so it is.

If you have energies surrounding these issues which need to be unraveled, please take advantage of my February “Pay what you can” experiences. DM me if it’s for you.

Happy Valentine’s day.


Originally published at on February 15, 2020.

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The Quantum Theater is an Immersive Theater methodology by True Participation. These are the writings of Joshua Brandon Pánczér. Link:

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