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I’m not a bible scholar, though I am making energetics discoveries about it nonetheless.

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Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. You are your own shaman


Christianity is often depicted as apparently at odds with the “new age”.

This is based on a deep misunderstanding from both sides which I’d like to shed some light on here.

They’re both actually holding key components for each other and both have their own rigid traps as well.

Many ‘new agers’ believe Christians to be insane, because of the far fetched claims and seemingly useless lore.

We all know that moment when another seemingly robotic person is talking about Christ on the cross and how “Jesus saved their life”.

And yet…isn’t is a little odd that Christians are so often highly passionate?

So full of faith, so clear in their claims that the belief system is not just for giggles, but that it actually works?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be as passionate about your own life? Do you have to believe that Christ died for your sins in order to be on fire in that way?

So now we get to look deeper. Why the heck does it work? What’s actually going on there?

Let’s start by looking at the concept of the scapegoat: a ritual many people are familiar with, from Leviticus, of placing all of a villagers’ blame onto a goat and driving it out of town.

This seems immoral and ridiculous, but what’s actually happening energetically?

Even if against its will, it is receiving and bearing the burden of sins. And thus forgiveness can occur. So, even if just a symbol it also actually works to achieve the shift.

In a patriarchal society, what’s been deactivated and de-emphasized is the feminine polarity. Receiving. Surrender.

This can be clearly seen in the trendy new agers’ obsession with ‘positivity’, ‘high vibes’, and ‘giving’ — which ultimately turns rancid and becomes femininity shaming, spiritual bypass, and shallow listening.

Consider the positive and negative poles of a magnet. One isn’t better than the other. There is no inherent ‘value’ or lack of value on either side. And yet, negativity has been turned into a four-letter word in the new age lexicon.

“That person is always so negative” is itself a negative statement.

“I reject negative people” is a negative statement.

Righteous new agers become caught up in and blinded by their own emotions and their shame catalyzes the temptation to deny ownership.

Denying our own negative pole is denying our femininity. This is exactly the issue which we as a culture are awakening out of.

And so, when a new ager simply fails to understand the ‘shadow’ world to this depth, they become jaded and look for other solutions.

Christianity then becomes an attractive alternative. An inspiring organization that routinely discusses a gruesome death.

You may even get to eat his body. And drink his blood. Talk about negative.

The pinnacle of the Christian teaching is “Christ died for your sins”. He was the scapegoat. The negative pole.

Someone else got to handle the ‘dirty’ job of being feminine so you don’t have to. Now, you just get to be grateful. So, it sounds crazy but it also kind of works. As long as you believe things in a very specific order and pray with very specific energetics, you might sound crazy to bystanders and you’ll only ever fit in with other Christians, but at least it works.

This points to a deeper issue. Our entire patriarchal society — the rampantly co-dependent, blame addicted, consumerist, violent and sadistic culture we’re all awakening out of — has been deeply imbued with this Christian doctrine as an explanatory layer over the actual issue. It’s almost like a theatrical performance, a ‘play’, a story layer covering up the truth of the dynamics which actually exist in our biology. The same dynamics which drive sexuality, all desire, and all fear.

So what are these dynamics?

Predator and Prey. Often portrayed as Heaven and Hell. Or Big and small. Or Strong and weak.

These dynamics are rooted in survival. Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten.

The seemingly ‘safer’ role of being the predator is the catalyst of the patriarchy in the first place.

In the momentum of this energy, safety has been idolized over truth.

You can see this translated into our everyday life.

Eat or be eaten: This has lead to eating disorders, boxing matches, and sexual crimes

It’s unsafe to be prey: This has lead to rebellious and fear-based mindsets such as masochism, consumerism, addictions of all kinds

“Waking up” inside the context of a Judeo/Christian society still leaves us needing someone or something to blame.

If we don’t have Christ as an option, suddenly the responsibility falls directly on us.

And of course, the individual mind cannot fathom what it perceives as the burden of all humanity.

And so one must find other things to blame.

Blame the government, blame the chakras, blame the food supply, blame the media.

Blame all you want, it will never work.

It will never ignite the flame in your heart of becoming your own christ.

“I am the way,” he said. “I have given you an example, do as I have done”.

If you’re going to do as he does, I believe the statement was “I am the way”.

It’s not “He is the way”. That’s positive blame, but blame nonetheless. Just like “You make me happy”.

Predator/prey dynamics have subtly skewed that perception, with enormous consequences.

You could even say (and this is why there’s a trigger warning) that the human aspect of Christ had a savior complex.

He lived 2000 years ago and we’re just now realizing that we need to save ourselves.

We are awakening the same way that he did, he simply arrived early.

And of course his mastery was real, and he can connect with us and assist us today energetically.

As a friend, not a savior. His creation of Christianity was not intentional. Jesus was not a Christian.

Similarly, as Jews are sometimes considered to be “the chosen people”, this is a misunderstanding as well. Perhaps even by Jesus himself.

We all have different traits, some of which lead us to believe we are “special”.

So, “I am the way”, for me.

You are the way, for you.

To give more tangibility to “I am the way”, consider “I” to be your spine.

Which generates your conscious and dynamic intentions.

You’ll notice that your spine automatically corrects itself as you own your poles more deeply.

All the way masculine, Crack!

All the way feminine, Crack!

I call this aspect of myself the cosmic chiropractor.

People hear it happening often in sessions with me as well.

“We are one” means: Straighten out your spine, and you will straighten out humanity.

You can’t straighten it with your mind.

The mind can catalyze, but it’s only through an emotional commitment to the ownership of your poles.

And within the unconscious confines of the Judeo/Christian system, we cannot do so fully.

So we have the choice to ‘be saved’ within the confines of the Religious Matrix, OR

we have another choice to SAVE OURSELVES by fully exiting this matrix and gaining true sight.

And let’s not pretend that exiting the matrix is ‘easy’ or instantaneous. It’s a deep, subtle, cellular process.

It occurs bit by bit.

If we were to be exposed to the truth of our power all at once it would fry our nervous systems.

To be our own Christ, we need time to integrate.

May the figurative crown slowly transition onto the crown of your own head — in equal proportion to your ownership of the negative pole. ❤ This leads to reclaiming our ultimate innocence.

Joshua Falcon-Grey

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