Ascension does not mean we are going to disappear accidentally into rapture.

It is the death of the human form. It is a conscious choice when the time is right. It does not require any action at all. It is a vibrational allowance.

It means you are moving in the direction of Truth.

Many of us are already quite invisible to the mainstream. That can even be scary.

How many of the relatively ascended are complaining about being unseen? 😉

Ascending just means moving upward.

Ascend your courage.
Ascend your reliance.
Ascend your integrity.
Ascend your art.
Ascend your humility.
Ascend your commitment.

And we need to also descend too, so we may fully land on this planet.

Descend your arrogance.
Descend your fix-it addictions.
Descend your assumptions.
Descend your grudges.
Descend your hopes.
Descend the concept of being “done” (we are not objects).

Hopefully it feels a bit more manageable now 😅🌍🙏💞💯