We always have more options than we realize.

We cannot see our options as they truly exist because our energy is stuck in fight or flight, and so and we habitually disregard our emotional experience as a means for survival.

“Play” is options consciousness.

By relaxing the nervous system we can come out of codependent behaviors and this allows for aligned creative solutions to strike us.

Ascension does not mean we are going to disappear accidentally into rapture.

It is the death of the human form. It is a conscious choice when the time is right. It does not require any action at all. It is a vibrational allowance.

It means you are moving in the…

From a wounded perspective, shadowed power can appear to be light and true light can appear as shadowed power

This is a great time to discover our true motives for emulating others, for attempting to attain really anything at all.

Diving into truth reveals our backward thinking, our unnecessary protective…

We are all on a magic school bus ride through the nervous system.

If you want true and deep change this is the place to start and end.

Everything else is in service to this process whether we believe it or not.

The systems we create are only a reflection…

The Quantum Theater

The Quantum Theater

The Quantum Theater is an Immersive Theater methodology by True Participation. These are the writings of Joshua Brandon Pánczér. Link: www.quantum.theater