The reality of Truth/Dao is always there available to us. The eternal mystery is very consistent.

And human misunderstandings and our path to maturity is also very consistent and predictable because our shadows show up in biological survival patterns.

As we complete our internal stories, we can have more access to perceiving the eternal mystery because our filters resolve themselves.

I don’t see it as my job to try to define Truth, but rather to define what obscures Truth. We can automatically perceive Truth when we remove the perceptual barriers to it.

Today I just published a new video as a supplement to the “How The Quantum Theater Works” PDF document: I recently published, This video is about Resolving Our Internal Stories



Here are some interesting things I’ve learned about spirituality…

It’s easier to open your third eye than it is to have a deeply connected intimate relationship.

It’s easier to attain enlightenment than it is to truly forgive the people who have hurt us.

It’s easier to astral project than it is to build a successful aligned business.

It’s easier to control the wind than it is to consistently do what you say you’re going to do.

It’s easier to see 1:11 and 2:22 on every clock than it is to acknowledge our own covert arrogance.

As we grow more mature in our capacity for life, we naturally grow out of approaches which don’t truly serve our quality of life.

May you be blessed with truly harmonious relationships, fulfilling work, and powerful authentic relationship with yourself




The Quantum Theater

The Quantum Theater is a Toltec Immersive Theater methodology as a means of stalking power. These are the writings of Joshua Edjida: